Rug Care

People often ask how to take care of a handwoven rug. Here are some basics.

Using a rug on the floor:
My rugs are made to be used on the floor and using it on the floor actually binds the fibers together making it stronger.

  • Use a pad under the rug to prevent slipping and wear.
  • Since the rug is the same on both sides, turn it often so it gets even wear.
  • Regular cleaning can be done by sweeping with a broom or using a light powered vacuum (no beater bar).
  • If you spill something on the rug, since it is wool it will naturally repel liquid for a short amount of time. Soak up the liquid as soon as possible. If it stains, take it to a rug cleaner that has worked with other handmade rugs. Services that clean oriental rugs, kilims etc. are familiar with the proper way to clean handwoven rugs.
  • Check often for insect damage. Insects that could invade the wool fibers like dark places, so turning it often and airing out once in a while will deter them. If you find damage its best to make repairs right away.
  • If the rug is small enough, you can roll it up and put in a plastic bag and put a freezer. This will kill the insects. Take it out, bring to room temperature, vacuum the rug and then repeat the freezing to kill any newly hatched insects.
  • When storing your rug, roll it up, never fold, and wrap in the canvas I provided when purchased.
  • Try to keep the rug out of direct, bright sunlight to decrease fading.

Hanging a rug on the wall:

  • All of the above applies plus, remove it from the wall and check the back for insect damage. Remember, they like dark places.
  • Also vacuum as above often.

Contact me directly if you have any questions about repairing one of my rugs.

Below are two people who specialize in rug repair. I haven’t used them personally but if you need to repair an antique rug you can reach them via email or web site and talk with them about what your needs are.

Penelope Starr

Kathleen Morales
[email protected]

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